How to deal with big stories in scrum

Since last week, we have a new scrum master in our company. Last week, she had her certified scrum master course held by Boris Gloger (I also took the course in 2008 and really liked it, I would recommend Boris Glogers courses to anybody who wants to know more about scrum). Enthusiastically, she came back in the office and compared the theoretical lessons of her scrum master course to how we do it in the company. As she already encountered that estimations are not always easy and we regularly get quite high estimates from our developers, she discussed this topic with other participants and also read her first blog entries on how to make estimates more precisely. At the moment, the highest estimate we accept has the value of 40 story points, but some of her discussion partners said that they only accepted 8 or even 5 story points as the highest value – otherwise, the story is still not precise enough and needs to be split into smaller ones. I totally understand that smaller stories can have a positive effect on the planning security, but I’m just not quite sure if this works for us too or if the discussion about how to split a story into various smaller ones will take lots of time! I guess, I’ll have to let myself be suprised. I’m going to give you an update in another blog entry as soon as I found out more!