Apple’s design culture

Without a doubt, Apple’s success over the last few years (especially with the iPhone and the iPad) would not have taken place without the remarkable usabiliy and user experience of its products. For Apple, design was a huge factor that made the change from being almost dead to highly successful even possible. For most companies, design is not a must-have. It’s something that the product should have besides dozens of other things. For Steve Jobs, design is nothing less than essential. When you have a CEO who has that much focus on this subject, it’s quite easy for everyone else to understand the importance and to follow. Apple has a small team of experts who design the key products and that works together with the engineers very closely. In addition, Apple sets itself very high standards – if it’s not perfect, they don’t launch it. The best example for this rule probably is the white version of the iPhone 4 which made it to the stores months after the planned launch date. More about the role of design for Apple:

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  1. And if something is not “perfect”, this happens: As a costumer i love Apple but because of articels, which reveal how management takes place in Apple i doubt that working for Apple (or rather Steve Jobs) is enjoyable … unless you’r outcome is flawless … all the time.

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