Mobile communication in Austria, part 1: Use of smartphones, spread of brands and operating systems

Today I came across a highly interesting study about mobile communication in Austria. It’s not only interesting but also brand-new as it has been published just a week ago. Most important facts in a nutshell: 69% of the Austria population up to 59 years of age already own a smartphone. The highest penetration of smartphone users among a certain age range can be found within people from 20 to 29 years, where 85% own a smartphone at the moment. Of course I expected the percentage in this age range to be quite high – let’s say around 70 to 75% – but I was really suprised to learn that it is that high. Another finding: Samsung dominates the Austrian smartphone market at the moment: 40% of all smartphones currently used were produced by the well-known South-Korean company. Second place goes to Apple with 22%, HTC comes third with 11%. Third finding: 53% of all smartphones used in Austria run Android as their operating system, second is Apples iOS which is installed on 22% of all devices. Source: Mobile Communication Report 2012 from the Mobile Marketing Association, study made by mindtake Research, sample size = 1.001 people. Here you can find the study: