Mobile communication in Austria, part 2: Most important criteria for making your smartphone users happy

Part two of my series on mobile communication in Austria with several other interesting facts! Today I am going to summarize what makes smartphone users happy and what annoys them – please note that multiple answers were possible in the survey! The majority of users (54%) was unhappy with long loading times. This is a topic I can definitely confirm! Pages which are not optimized for mobile use annoy 48% of the smartphone users, followed by too little screen sizes with 44%, too expensive roaming fees with 27% and too complex handling with 20%. So, let’s summarize this! Always keep in mind to provide your smartphone users with a website clearly optimized for mobile devices that needs as little resources as possible – users love fast page load times. Furthermore, have your mobile website or application tested by your target group at an early stage. By doing that, you can make sure that your product meets the customers expectations and still be able to make adaptions with reasonable efforts. My personal favorite of a high quality mobile website that combines all the positive criteria mentioned above is – have a look and make up your own opinion! Source: Mobile Communication Report 2012 from the Mobile Marketing Association, study made by mindtake Research, sample size = 1.001 people.