What does usability mean for your products?

There are lots of factors which influence the usability of your product. So, which components have an influence? First of all, the product itself – how can you interact with the system, how does it feel, what does the system give you back? What comes with the product – e.g. manual, accessories, packaging? All this and many more topics are addressed in this article http://www.uselog.com/2010/05/1-usability-101-understand-what.html

2011 Scrum Checklist by Boris Gloger

You use scrum to manage your projects? If so, this might be interesting for you: On infoq.com you can download the current version of Boris Glogers Scrum Checklist. I attended his Certified Scrum Master and his Certified Product Owner courses which got me into agile software development http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/scrum-checklists

10 usability tips based on research studies

The article “10 Usability Tips based on Research Studies” reveals qualities that really matter when it comes to developing web products – make your website fast, easy to read and position the most important content on the left side of the page http://sixrevisions.com/usabilityaccessibility/10-usability-tips-based-on-research-studies/

Key elements of irresistible e-mail subject lines

Useful guide on how improve e-mail marketing. It identifies three key elements of irresistible e-mail subject lines (“The Fundamentals”, “The Specifics” and “The Secret Sauce”) to help writing useful, unique and urgent subject lines http://www.copyblogger.com/email-subject-lines/