2011 Scrum Checklist by Boris Gloger

You use scrum to manage your projects? If so, this might be interesting for you: On infoq.com you can download the current version of Boris Glogers Scrum Checklist. I attended his Certified Scrum Master and his Certified Product Owner courses which got me into agile software development http://www.infoq.com/minibooks/scrum-checklists

10 usability tips based on research studies

The article “10 Usability Tips based on Research Studies” reveals qualities that really matter when it comes to developing web products – make your website fast, easy to read and position the most important content on the left side of the page http://sixrevisions.com/usabilityaccessibility/10-usability-tips-based-on-research-studies/

Key elements of irresistible e-mail subject lines

Useful guide on how improve e-mail marketing. It identifies three key elements of irresistible e-mail subject lines (“The Fundamentals”, “The Specifics” and “The Secret Sauce”) to help writing useful, unique and urgent subject lines http://www.copyblogger.com/email-subject-lines/