Book: “Outliers – The story of success”

Some weeks ago, a colleague of mine recommended me a book called “Outliers – The story of success” by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s about successful people and understanding why they were able to outperform in their specific field. Other studies or books focused on intelligence, ambition – the classic story of someone, who started from nothing and became highly successful just by being talented and working hard. Without a doubt, most people who excel in their field actually do have talent and work hard. But to achieve huge success, make a fortune and become popular in a specific field, there seem to be many other factors that come into play and which are not obvious at first sight. Therefore, Gladwell looks at information about their family, birthplace, or even their birth date and analyzes this data. By doing that, he revealed other factors which were essential for the success of these people in their specific field. I really recommend this book – you can find it here: