Introduction to Google Website Optimizer

Great guide to Google Website Optimizer on that tackles several topics: What is Google Website Optimizer actually? What are the testing variants of A/B testing and multivariate testing and when do you choose which one? Where should you start? Which elements of your site can be tested? How do you set up your tests? First of all, don’t focus on completed sales or sign-ups. Instead of that, rather focus on converting your customers from one step of a desired process to the next one. Little improvements in every single steps will make a huge difference in the end. Identify different elements of your sites (e.g. your header, navigation, links to certain pages, etc.) and test them using a multivariate test. By doing that, you see which element performs best and therefore should be part of the final setting. Also consider creating different visitor segments. Visitors that come to your website using Google search may act different than users that come to your website via direct traffic. Always keep in mind that testing, measuring and defining improvements is just the first part – all of this is useless if you do not bring your findings to life by improving your website regularly and after that, continuing the process by starting to test again. More on this interesting topic here