Google Analytics Conference 2011 in Vienna

Last week I visited the Google Analytics Conference 2011 in Viennas Schönbrunn Palace, which was organized by the SEO/SEM consultants e-dialog, and webalytics. The event started with an opening keynote from Clancy Childs, who is the EMEA Manager for Google Analytics – very interesting and entertaining. After that, and e-dialog held their presentations about the V5 of Analytics, its newest features and how to benefit from them in your daily web analytics business. Interesting, but not quite as lively and entertaining as the guys from Google managed to hold their speeches. The closing keynote was held by Trevor Claiborne (@tclaiborne on Twitter), who is a Product Marketing Manager at Google. Being a Product Manager myself, his presentation was the most interesting for me and I really liked it! After that, the audience was able to raise questions at the guys from Mountain View. All in all, in interesting event which I might be attending again next year.